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How to navigate for luggage storage is a website and phone app that allows you to find and book luggage storage in trusted hotels, dedicated luggage storage locations, and shops around the world. Whether you need to store your bags for a few hours or a few days, can help you enjoy a luggage-free day. 


     In this article, we will show you how to use the website to find, book, and access luggage storage near you.  You can also use it on your cellphone by downloading their app.

1.  How to Find Luggage Storage on 

     To find luggage storage on, you can enter the location to be searched, drop-off date and time, pick-up date and time, and number of bags. If you want to search the area where you currently are then click on the blue current location icon.  I like to plan my trip first to see if I will need to store my luggage prior to traveling to my destination.  If my plane arrives too early to my destination, I like to find a luggage storage near my accommodations so I can explore the area without hauling my luggage with me.  Since I would have already created my itinerary by using, I would have taken into account the luggage storage stop.  If you prefer to wait until you arrive at your destination, in case of a flight delay, you can have their app downloaded to your cellphone for convenience.


     Once you click the “Search” button, a list of available Stashpoints (luggage storage locations) near you or the location where you would like to see will be displayed in the form of a map.  Storage pricing, rating , and hours of operation will be displayed to the left. You can zoom the map in and out and click on a luggage storage location to see these details about the location. If you click on the rating, you can see any written reviews, if any.


     The filter allows you to change the location, times and number of bags to alter the search while in the map mode.

2.  How to Book Luggage Storage on 

       Once you have found a Stashpoint that suits your needs, you can book it online in less than 2 minutes.


      To book a Stashpoint, click on its name or image on the list or map view. Click the “book” button. You will see a pop-up window with more details about the Stashpoint, such as its location, photos, and review. You can also see the total price for your booking based on the number of bags and duration of storage. The exact address will be shared once the booking is confirmed after you make your payment.


      When you click on the “login to pay” button, you will be redirected to a secure payment page where you can enter your personal details and choose one of the payment methods offered by You can pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Quick Pay.


      You will need to create an account prior to processing your payment. Once you have made your payment, you will receive an instant online confirmation with a booking reference number. You will also receive an email confirmation with the same information and instructions on how to access your Stashpoint. 

3.  How to Access Luggage Storage on 

      To access your Stashpoint, you will need to show your booking confirmation (either printed or on your phone) to the staff at the location. I recommend downloading the app and doing a screenshot so you have the details on the off chance you do not have phone signal upon your arrival. The place will scan your QR code or enter the code provided and ask you to take a photo of your bag(s) for security purposes. Then, they will store your bag(s) in a safe and secure area and give you a receipt, key or a tag.

      Depending on how the location operates, you will collect your bag(s) by showing your receipt, open your locker with the key provided or tag provided. You may have to present your booking confirmation to the staff at the location as well.  You will either retrieve your luggage yourself or the Stashpoint will retrieve your bag(s) for you and ask you to confirm that they are yours. Then, you can leave a review for your Stashpoint on the website or app.

      That’s it! You have successfully used to find, book, and access luggage storage in your desired location.


       We hope this article was helpful and informative to make your trip less stressful. 

       Happy travels! 


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